About Us

We value core principles, which define our company and help us build a trustworthy reputation in the immigration field.

Commitment we take each and every case seriously with absolute dedication to receive great results and to exceed clients’ expectations

Respect we treat each and every person at ViaCanada equally with exceptional service and mutual appreciation

Enthusiasm we strive to get results, immigration is our passion; each case is an exciting immigration opportunity with eventual Canadian citizenship in hands

Transparency we keep our records open and accessible to our clients, we offer 24/7 assistance and we work around the clock, as our clients are all over the world in different time zone.

ViaCanada is your reliable immigration company, registered to provide exceptional experience and advice in accordance with the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) requirements.
We offer more than 50 immigration programs and we know how it is important to select and tailor the immigration path best suited to your needs and skills.
Lead by a top Immigration Consultants ViaCanada is the company you can trust, it is easy to communicate and safe to be represented in a strictly regulated system where accountability and standards of conduct matter.