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Claim your refugee status today with Via Canada

The Immigration process in Canada is complex, but more and more foreign nations who fear prosecution and seek refugee status specifically here. Why?

People who are at serious risk, potential harm and aren’t able to protect themselves in their own country after recognition as refugees in Canada may apply for permanent resident status and eventually become Canadian Citizens.

Once a person considers himself/herself an asylum – that’s a red flag, now it is time to make a claim for further evaluation and time to assign for refugee status.

Canada offers a strong support system for refugees.
A person may claim his/her refugee status if he/she is:
  • A person of the minority by race; religion; ethnicity
  • An LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) person facing violence and persecution
  • A person activist for human rights or political opinion;
  • A person of different nationality; or hold a membership in a particular social group
  • A person who is in a danger of torture; domestic violence which lead to risk in their life, a risk of cruel and unusual treatment or punishment

At ViaCanada we understand how serious your situation can be and how fast we need to act. At ViaCanada we do also support you and help you to obtain evidence for the claims. Our successful rate inspires our company to provide our clients with a piece of exceptional advice and professional help on each refugee case.

Claim your refugee status today with Via Canada